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The Bettinardi Inovai 3.0

Aug 10th

The softest mallet putter ever?  (Shared from GolfPunk)

I once spent 45 minutes having a putting competition with Bob Bettinardi on the practice green at Wentworth. He schooled me. The man can putt. More importantly he understands putters, and how to make everyone a better putter. That day he was showing me his mallet putters, which he doesn’t get as much credit for. But if you go back as far as 2003 Jim Furyk won the US Open using one of his unusual designs.

I’d argue that Bettinardi has been milling the finest putters for a very long time. His putters are 100% milled at his own facility in Chicago. There’s no outsourcing to China. Every putter is 100% made in the USA. The level of detail that his putter can reach is insane and some of the tour putters are just incredible looking.  But wait, there’s more…

The World’s Most Expensive Putter Collection

Dec 15th

(Shared from GolfPunk)

Come with us as we enter the Ping Putter Vault in Scottsdale, Arizona. And don’t try to steal anything!

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PXG Launch New Putter Range

Jun 30th


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Technology added to PXG’s designs

PXG are at it again, launching a new collection of high end putters. Like the rest of their clubs, these aren’t going to be cheap, but PXG believe in their technology.   But wait, there’s more…

Odyssey Milled Collection RSX Putters launching

Jun 23rd


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Pushing sound and feel dynamics to new levels

Odyssey has announced the launch of its limited edition Milled Collection RSX Putters, which are pushing sound and feel dynamics to new levels.

Odyssey has pioneered the use of insert technology in putters for over twenty-five years, and through its exhaustive work has continually explored ways in which sound and feel can be optimised to enhance putter performance and build player confidence.

Austie Rollinson, Principal Designer at Odyssey Golf, explains: “Staff Professional, Phil Mickelson, has always told us that when he hits a five-foot putt, he wants it to look, feel and sound like a five-foot putt.” But wait, there’s more…

Choosing your golf Putter

May 2nd

As much as 50% of your golf score comes from the putting green. Not every putter is ideal for you; a number of factors should be considered such as brands, styles and types. Here follows some steps to choose the perfect putter for your golf.

Establish the length of your putter according to the length of your arms, not your height. Usually, long arms equal a shorter putter; short arms equal a longer putter. Standard for men is 89 cm, whilst 84 cm is standard for women.

Make a decision whether you want an offset face or non-offset face. This is normally determined by choosing what is best for the individual, someone that in nature aims right will choose an offset putter and the golfer that tends to aim left will choose a non-offset putter.

Select your style putter head-blade, mallet or traditional. Odyssey has made the mallet fashionable by introducing the “2-ball” putter.

Pick the type of shafting you want, after you have decided on your head type. An are heel shafting or center shafting.