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Golf Movies #10 (The Tiger Woods Story – 1998)

Apr 3rd

Given Tiger Woods’ meteoric rise to the pinnacle of the golfing world, a movie was inevitable. Unfortunately (or perhaps not) viewers will probably enjoy watching Woods compete on television than they will the 1998 attempt, The Tiger Woods Story.

Any self-respecting golf fan will learn virtually nothing they didn’t already know, and although they obviously give it an honest effort, the cast leaves quite a bit to be desired. But then, everyone knows portraying a living, familiar character is almost impossible. Some of the portrayals however, (Colin Montgomerie, Woods’ parents) are almost embarrassing in their caricature-like performances.

Perhaps the half-dozen or so people on the planet who aren’t aware of Tiger Woods will benefit, but basically, any of Woods’ 30-second Nike commercials is as entertaining (although obviously as expensive, probably more so) as The Tiger Woods Story. (source)

Cast: Keith David, Khalil Kain and Freda Foh Shen

Year: 1998