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Foot Joy introduces DNA for women

Sep 10th

Foot Joy introduces DNA for women

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Pro shops had a hard time keeping the men’s version of the FJ D.N.A. in stock this season — so it would be wise to be the first in line when the women’s version of this ultra popular offering from FootJoy hits shelves September 22.  But wait, there’s more…

Devereux: Golf apparel for every occasion

Sep 4th

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If you have yet to hear of Devereux, consider yourself informed. Like a now well known and widely distributed California cousin, Devereux is on track to become a green grass staple.

Inspiration for Devereux’s Proper Collection for Fall of 2014 comes by way of Miami — 1950s and 60s Miami — and we can certainly see the influence.

Constructed for golfers and travelers alike, Devereux is designed “to easily transcend from on-course to off-course or from city to city, whatever the occasion.”

Though this is a familiar refrain we hear from nearly every new golf apparel entrant, the distinct versatility of Devereux’s latest collection is easily recognized.

For more, check out Devereux’s Fall 2014 Lookbook.



Customizing the FootJoy Contour Casual

Jun 27th

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There’s nothing like a bit of online bespoke fun to spur CNG on to new heights — or in this case, a new post. A self-confessed golf shoe addict, CNG was keen to customize the Contour Casual, which has just been added to

The Contour Casual is now the number one selling spikeless golf shoe on the market, according to the most recent Golf Datatech survey for April, pointing both to FootJoy’s market footprint, and to the popularity of the Contour Casual’s comfort and design among consumers. But wait, there’s more

adidas Golf unveils Dustin Johnson’s mystery shoe

Apr 18th

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adidas Golf knows how to set the hook. For the past few weeks leading up to and through the Masters, Dustin Johnson has been wearing a new shoe from adidas Golf, one that until today no one knew anything about — other than the fact that they liked them, and wanted a pair.

Announced today, the mystery shoe in question is dubbed the adicross Tour, a shoe said to provide stability with flexibility, freedom of movement without sacrificing support, and lightweight comfort.

“The new adicross Tour has all the performance and support I need in a tour shoe plus a look that fits my style,” said Tour Staff Professional Dustin Johnson. “The bold colors are great and I knew it was for me the moment I saw it.”

Dustin Johnson in the new adicross Tour at the 2013 Masters.

Available in softspiked and spikeless models, the adicross Tour will be available in four colorways and will carry a two-year waterproof guarantee.

First Look: The Chukka from TRUE Linkswear

Jan 10th

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Here’s an exclusive first look at what hard core walkers should be wearing in 2013 — the Chukka from TRUE Linkswear. TRUE continues to innovate and impress, providing golfers with ahead-of-the-curve footwear alternatives that not only look great, but perform and provide unparalleled levels of comfort.

But wait, there’s more

Enjoy your walk: Jones Golf Bags, a new generation of a ’70s classic

Dec 13th

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Stuart Goldstein, CNG — As a high school golfer growing up in the late ‘70s there were some very basic equipment and gear staples: balata golf balls, persimmon woods, metal spikes and single strap Jones golf bags. Over the years these time-tested classic clubs and accessories went the way of the rotary phone. But one is making a welcome and long overdue comeback: Jones Golf Bags.

Jones Golf Bags was founded in 1971 by George Jones, a part time golfer and cab driver and full time tinkerer from Portland, Oregon. After years of refining the style and look that he wanted, the Jones brand quickly rose to become the most heavily carried golf bag in the game. It was the face of amateur, high school and collegiate golf for generations. Distinguished by its sleek, simple looks with its trademark single strap and sturdy nylon bottom base, Jones Golf Bags was designed for players who preferred to walk. But wait, there’s more…

What were you doing when you were 14?

Nov 28th

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Well, at 14 years of age you probaby weren’t playing in The Masters. But that’s what Tianlang Guan will be doing come April at Augusta National thanks to his win at the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship.

14 year-old Tianlang Guan wins the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship, becoming the youngest to qualify for the Masters. (Paul Lakatos / AP)

It will be interesting to see if a 14 year-old’s game can hold up at the Masters, but whatever happens, Guan will look every bit the role of a professional if he maintains current preference for wearing Sligo.

The reason why some golfers look more like NASCAR drivers

Oct 29th

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If you’ve ever wondered why your favorite player looks more like a NASCAR driver than he does a golfer, take a look at this interesting graphic, sent my way by Nick Jenkins. The graphic ballparks what players make to wear a company’s logo, citing no fewer than nine strategic placements.

Published in 2011 by Crescent Partners CurtComm, the numbers should still be relatively valid, but keep in mind that these numbers don’t represent every player across each of the tours cited — Joe Lunchpail who lives out of his car trying to Monday qualify for events isn’t raking in these numbers. But wait, there´s more

Travis Mathew Fall 2012

Jul 23rd

Travis Mathew Fall 12: Please inform CNG if you find a nicer collection – Shared from – Chapeau Noir Blog – Trends in Golf Apparel.

Seriously. Is anyone doing anything remotely as nice as this athletic, progressive, totally wearable line from Travis Mathew for Fall 2012? If so, it has not been found in the travels of this golf stylist.

Faves on the radar include the alligator-esque Vicente polo and the Summit jacket. Must haves!

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Nike Golf’s Lunar Swingtip shoes

Jul 2nd

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Nike Golf has officially joined the alt-golf shoe party with the announcement of the Lunar Swingtip, a shoe that pays homage to the classic wingtip design of yesterday with nod to the skateboard / surf community.

Nike Golf designers enlisted the help of company affiliate Hurley on the design while also leveraging insights from products in the Nike Skateboarding shoe lineup. The result is a shoe that is said to provide stabiltiy and comfort both on and off the course. But wait, there´s more