Golf Books #290 (The Women’s Guide to Golf)

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Golf Books #290 (The Women’s Guide to Golf)0

Throughout her teaching career, Kellie Stenzel has been continually asked to recommend a beginning golf instruction book for her female students to read. She researched the market and found nothing suitable–most books are too technical for the beginner and assume that the reader already has some familiarity with the game. This became the inspiration for The Women’s Guide to Golf, a well-crafted and easy-to-understand golf instructional for women who are new to the game.

Each section of the book provides a complete explanation of the skills needed to play golf. Ideas are presented in a clear and simple manner–golf lingo is translated into every-day English whenever possible so the reader can easily understand. Since students must have an idea of what they are trying to accomplish before they can learn, Kellie Stenzel starts at the very beginning and gives detailed explanations of basic concepts. For example, she explains what a putter looks like, what a putting green looks like, and what the goal of putting is, before teaching the reader how to putt. In addition, since women’s learning style is very different from men’s, this book also addresses specific women’s issues, such as posture and lack of distance. 

This book includes

– a thorough explanation of the game
– easy-to-understand instructions
– suggestions on how to avoid embarrassment as a beginner
– simple ways to remember what you’ve read
– great anecdotes from the author’s experiences as a golfer and a teacher
– over 75 black-and-white photos

The Women’s Guide to Golf is one of the most accessible and comprehensive golf instructionals ever written for women–it is the perfect book for any woman who wants to learn the game.

Publication date: (April 25, 2002) (source)

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