Golf Books #236 (How to Love the Rules of Golf)

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Golf Books #236 (How to Love the Rules of Golf)1

Based on the latest 2016 Rules, 2017 updates and the 2019 Modernization Proposals, “How to Love the Rules of Golf” demystifies the Rules for everyone not blessed with the “lawyer gene.” It’s a fun and easy read that provides a clear path to learning, remembering, enjoying and benefiting from the Rules. More satisfaction, less frustration and better scores can be a reality for everyone from Saturday morning’s foursome buddies to Sunday afternoon’s PGA Tour professionals.

In the author’s own words: “I’ve been a golf ref for years, and I’ve seen a lot of frustration with the Rules out there. That’s a shame, since I know how beautifully the Rules of Golf can work for us and how uncompromisingly fair they are. “Not everyone starts off with my affection for the Rules, but when I offer my perspective on an issue to friends I’m chatting with, or people I’m randomly grouped with when I’m playing, or officiating for when I’m working — I can often turn them around. That’s what this book can do: inspire you to fully embrace the Rules and show you how truly satisfying that can be.

That, and show you how knowing the Rules can really help you score. “In fact, if you let them, the Rules of Golf can be your personal path toward golf happiness — irrespective of your playing ability. That’s truly something to love.”

Publication date: May 2, 2017 (source

About the Author

Howard J. Meditz is a member of New York’s Metropolitan Golf Writers Association and holds “The highest level of rating” in knowledge of the Rules of Golf, a designation awarded by the PGA of America and the United States Golf Association.

He is a member of the Rules & Competitions Committee and a rules official for New York’s Metropolitan Golf Association; a member of the Executive Committee and a rules official for New York’s Westchester Golf Association; a rules official for the Women’s Metropolitan Golf Association; and holds a seat on the Board of Governors and is Rules Chairman at Connecticut’s busiest golf facility.

He really, really loves the Rules of Golf.