Golf Books #136 (Sun-Up to Sun-Down: The Lives of Golf Course Owners)

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In the casual style of storytelling to good friends, Sun-Up to Sun-Down reveals a rarely seen look into the personal lives of a diverse set of American entrepreneurs who by one path or another own golf courses. Even though today s golf industry is truly global, the United States is home to roughly one-half of all the golf courses in the world, as well as roughly one-half of all the golfers in the world.

From manufacturing, construction, retail, tourism, service and other broad sectors of the industry, golf has a very important role in the U.S. economy. At the core of the industry are the men and women who own and operate the playing fields, the golf courses.

These stories focus on the entrepreneurs building or acquiring golf courses, their biggest achievements and challenges, and their perspectives on past, present and future trends in the golf industry. These stories attest to the perseverance, breadth of skills, and passion for the business and game of golf, and are as varied as the personalities of the people themselves.

In addition to the owners oral histories and summations of the lessons they have learned, this book reviews the history of the game of golf and its playing fields, the strengths and challenges of the golf industry over the past 10 years, and resources directing readers to the most influential trade associations leading the industry.

Until Tom Franklin started working on this book, there were no books on golf facility management or ownership. There are numerous books on golf history, agronomy and the responsibilities of golf course superintendents, golf course architecture, playing the game, tourism and the entertainment side of the industry. Sun-Up to Sun-Down aims to correct this void and provide insight into the roles played by those who have taken on this often frustrating but exciting business.

Inside this book, you ll find wisdom collected from 18 different golf course owners covering all aspects of the business, including the following: Financing and Budget Planning, Golf Course Design and Construction, Customer Service, Managing Staff, Being a Community Asset, The Joys and Perils of Partnership, Meeting Guests, Expectations of Quality, Seeking Advice from the Right Sources, Making Mistakes … and Learning from Them, Too, Types of Ownership, from Multigenerational to Start-up Courses, from Corporate to Independent Mom-and-Pop Ownership, Emerging Trends in the Industry. You will also find a forward by Mike Hughes, CEO of the National Golf Course Owners Association.

Publication date: April 1, 2013

Author: Thomas Franklin

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