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Ben Martin: Heart of the underdog

Apr 30th

Ben Martin isn’t flashy or frenetic. He’s just an easygoing guy who’s tasted the highs and lows of PGA TOUR life, embracing the role of the underdog in his quest for constant improvement.

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Callaway Org. 15 Cart Bag

Apr 29th

bags-2015-org-15-cart_1___1Callaway brings you the Org. 15 Cart Bag as one of the most popular cart bags. Providing you with enough features to feel at home in the course. The 10.5” 15-way top provides the ultimate Divider Club Organization. The full-length slots allow for simple access and replacement of your clubs.

The comfortable adjustable Single Padded Strap allows for easier mobility around the golf course. You will find an integrated molded Lift Handle for better control of the bag when lifting and moving about.

The bottom of the cart bag has been designed with an E-Trolley Base System Lip that integrates with most push carts and trolleys for better stability.

The color scheme for the Org. 15 Cart Bag is the navy, which consists of several shades of blue and white trim. But wait, there’s more…

Golf Books #182 (The New Rules of Golf: Redefining the Laws of Golf for a Riotous New Generation of Players)

Apr 28th

Golf Books #183 (The New Rules of Golf Redefining the Laws of Golf for a Riotous New Generation of Players)On the fairways and in the clubhouses of courses across the world, the nature of golf is changing. Gone are the days of fusty old geezers hacking around the rough in plus-fours sneering at the common folk, they’ve been pushed aside in favour of a new generation of golfers.

Thankfully, for these golfers, style and attitude are more important than ever, with more attention being paid where it counts – your skill with an iron rather than your background, your bank balance, or whether you’re (shock horror) wearing trainers in the club house.

As a result, it’s about time to rip up the rulebook, do away with the traditions of the game and rewrite the laws in the most anarchic, irreverent way possible – that’s where “The New Rules of Golf” comes in.

No more will women be banned from the clubhouse, exclusive memberships be permitted or pleated tartan trousers be tolerated. <!–more But wait, there’s more…>

Instead, these 50 hilarious statutes and observations on the sport will reflect the true revolutionary feelings of the new breed of golfer who is bored of being told what to do.

Publication date: April 5, 2015 (source)

About the Author

Dominic Bliss is a sports writer and author. He also writes on men’s lifestyle and travel for various publications including GQ, Financial Times, and other specialist press.

White Witch Golf Course, Jamaica

Apr 27th

The White Witch golf course, probably the most famous tract on the island, is also a part of the historic, 5000-acre Rose Hall Plantation. One of the most scenic golf courses in Jamaica, if the not the entire West Indies, the White Witch golf course is a pleasure to play, even if you don’t score well. On 16 of its 18 holes, you’ll be wowed by the stunning panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.

White Witch Golf Course, Jamaica

The golf course, part of The Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort, winds its way around more than 600 acres of lush, tropical greenery and gently rolling landscape. It’s a long, and extremely tough golf course designed by that inimitable team of golf course architects, Robert von Hagge and Rick Baril, not necessarily for the nature of the course itself, but also for Annie May Palmer, the owner of the plantation in the 1820’s. But wait, there’s more…

Tramores Golf | Blog Justteetimes

Apr 26th

Tramores Golf | Blog Justteetimes.

Golfamily Album #46

Apr 25th

Tiger Woods and Stanford Teammates

Golf Cartoon #220

Apr 24th

The Perfect Golf Course

Adidas Asym Energy Boost Tailored To Individual Feet

Apr 23rd

One of the first thing golfers find out is which way round they play. Right or left handed. Naturally, this feeds into the equipment they need to play the game.

This used to stop at the clubs they put in their bags or the gloves they wore. Not any more.

Adidas Golf is breaking ground with the Asym Energy Boost shoes that come in both right and left handed options because of the very different roles the front and back feet play during the golf swing.


Extensive research utilising the latest biomechanical equipment means that Adidas has been able to analyse how footwork impacts the golf swing, including weight transfer, stability and power.

Heat map and force plate studies, that track the pressure applied to the ground throughout the movement of the swing, showed how different the vertical and horizontal pressures are for each foot. Adidas realised that there was incredible scope for utilising this information and making the design of the front and back foot shoes different to maximise performance. But wait, there’s more…

Young Stars on the PGA TOUR

Apr 22nd

We take a behind the scenes look at some of the young guns that have hosted Inside the PGA TOUR this 2014-2015 Season.

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Golf Books #181 (The Random History of Golf)

Apr 21st

Golf Books #181 (The Random History of Golf)This is the story of golf as it’s never been told before.

Presents a dog-legged compilation of sports reports, spoof correspondence and reminiscences from pros, caddies, playing partners and armchair pundits: Mary Queen of Scots cheers herself up at the links at Leith following the murder of her husband Lord Darnley; Dwight D Eisenhower’s valet shoots the breeze as he clears up the Oval Office following a particularly gruelling Presidential putting practice session; Bob Hope’s chauffeur experiments with some one-liners whilst waiting for his boss in the clubhouse car park; and John Daly’s local bartender describes the unique skills of his best customer.

The albatrosses, the Big Berthas, the yips and the holes-in-one that have provided the perfect excuse to linger at the nineteenth hole are amusingly recalled for the delectation of the Fair Isle sweater brigade.

This fresh new edition, Embarrassing Shanks & Outrageous Slices goes where no golfer wants to be – a little off-line and with their balls in funny positions. But wait, there’s more…