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Golf Funny Commercial #121

Aug 31st

2013 Lincoln MKX TV Commercial, ‘Obsession’

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Golf Cartoon #137

Aug 30th

Let’s Get Technical

Aug 29th

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Technical clothing is fast becoming the go-to choice for those warmer days out on the course. As manufacturers invest more in technology and new fabrics, that thick cotton polo is becoming an item left at home.

One of the great attributes of technical clothing is its ability to ensure the wearer remains cool and dry whilst playing. Fabrics now remove moisture away from the body allowing freedom of movement, that fresh feeling and a clean look throughout the day. Not only does this leave you feeling fresh after a gruelling 18 holes in the heat but you will remain comfortable which is vital.

Furthermore, some clothing brands have taken things a step further and introduced a UV protection to some of their products. These lightweight protective fabrics make it easier for those that are active among us to move easily and to remain comfortable, whilst protecting the body from the suns harmful rays. Groundbreaking technology that is sure to continue to improve with time. But wait, there’s more

“Make or Break” The Barclays

Aug 28th

For the 7th year in a row The Barclays marks the start of the FEDEXCUP Playoffs. For players outside the top 100 it could also mean the end.

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Golf Books #112 (Golf Ninja Method)

Aug 27th

In the era when samurai were active in Japan, there was another occupational group specializing in intelligence operations, called Ninja. The duties of the Ninja were extremely dangerous, therefore they were under huge pressure while performing their missions.

It is said that they had superhuman skills in order to infiltrate enemy positions, such as disappearing suddenly, reappearing, staying under water for many hours, and jumping down from high places. When they tried to acquire these skills, overcoming pressure must have been seen as top priority.

If Ninja had practiced golf, they might have put pressure on themselves by telling themselves that they would lose their lives unless they can make this driver shot travel 300 yards on the fairway, or unless they make this 6-foot putt.

The title of this book, “The Ninja Method,” means a golf method that can help you overcome pressure just as the Ninja did.

Now, you may wonder what kinds of golf methods can help you resist pressure. But wait, there’s more

Golfers You Don’t Want In Your Foursome – #1

Aug 26th

If you’re reading this, you love to be out on the course playing a round with friends. No doubt, however, you’ve had your time on the course spoiled by some golfer who’s a bit over confident, too loose with the rules or just plain poky.

Stephen Moore (Director of Digital Marketing and Client Services for Onboardly ) helps you to spot some different type of golfers you don’t want in your foursome.

The Wannabe Pro

I know you want to look good – it’s part of the game. What you don’t have to do is buy what the pros wear, tell me you’re wearing what the pros wear, and then remind me you’re wearing what the pros wear as we hit the back nine. It gets to be a bit much.

I’ve often found that this type of golfer has spent so much trying to look the part that they haven’t invested in becoming a better golfer. I’m a firm believer that investing in your game is a better early investment than your wardrobe. Otherwise, you’ll look great and have triple digit scores every round.

What really gets me about this golfer – the wannabe – is that they aren’t aware of how bad their game is. Despite never breaking 100, they’ll chime in and offer tips on your backswing, tell you how to line up your putt, and make all sorts of gear recommendations. But wait, there´s more…

Alamos Golf Course « Blog Justteetimes

Aug 25th

Alamos Golf Course via Alamos Golf Course « Blog Justteetimes.

Golf Funny Commercial #120

Aug 24th

Family Golf Trip Funny Fedex Express TV Commercial.

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Golf Cartoon #136

Aug 23rd

J.Lindeberg Autumn/Winter 13

Aug 22nd

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Well, the wait is certainly over as we welcome the arrival of the brand new J.Lindeberg Autumn/Winter 13 Collection.

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