Good, Bad and Unusual: Rory’s charge, pancakes and pythons

Oct 26th

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Golf Books #254 (Feel. Simple. Golf.: A Simple Guide Inspired by Percy Boomer Drive as You Putt and Putt as You Drive)

Oct 25th

719z8rq9qxlGolf too complex? It is, but your swing can be simple! Only five fundamentals with easy step-by-step instructions to master them. Use the same swing movement to drive, chip, and putt. Feel a good swing, then swing that feel to play your best. Tame your mind so it works for you. Simple! You can do this!

A simple version of Ward and Woods’ technical reference manual, Experience the Feel of Simple Golf (2016), this book unwraps the secrets of Percy Boomer’s paradigm-shifting approach to a powerful, accurate, and consistent golf swing. Feel. Simple. Golf. takes to the next level the teachings of Boomer in his 1946 book On Learning Golf. Percy Boomer was an inaugural member of the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame and Sports Illustrated’s #1 ranked all-time golf swing guru.

Feel. Simple. Golf. is based on “old school/classic” swing fundamentals reminiscent of Hogan and Nicklaus. Case studies bring the fundamentals to life. Know and rely upon the “feels” of doing each fundamental well. Learn when to engage your brain and then how to quiet it to perform your best. Fix your own swing problems using a 7-step troubleshooting process. Journal what you learn.

Read this book with club in hand! But wait, there’s more…

Eléa Golf Club, Cyprus

Oct 24th

Inaugurated in 2010 The Eléa Golf Club is one of the most important new European golf courses in recent years, located at the heart of the prestigious Eléa Estate near Paphos, Cyprus, this layout offers world-class golf in a stunning setting. Designed by Nick Faldo this challenging par 71 golf course commands a striking location above the shimmering Mediterranean Sea and has been meticulously crafted through dramatic landscape, featuring imposing weathered outcrops of limestone that offer a unique character across the course.

The Elea Golf Club layout circulates around a rocky hillside and filters down into groves of mature Carob trees. The designers have also made great use of the dramatic outcrops of weathered limestone that pepper the site. The white rock contrasts with the dark green grass fairways and semi-roughs instead of deep rough grasses the course has Mediterranean scrub of wild herbs and stunning colours of spring flora. This course works in harmony with the region’s arid landscape and, with its hill-top setting and sea views, golf at Elea Golf Club is an experience that low and high handicappers alike will want to engage with again and again.

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Oceanico Faldo Golf Course | Blog Justteetimes

Oct 23rd

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Golf Cartoon #291

Oct 22nd

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Ian Woosnam ‘finally’ inducted to Golf Hall Of Fame

Oct 20th

About time (Shared from GolfPunk)

It was only two years ago that Ian Woosnam, overlooked once again, was moved to pen this tweet:

“After seeing the results of the World Golf Hall of Fame, I think it’s time to say goodbye to golf and retire.’”

Ian Woosnam 'finally' inducted to Golf Hall Of Fame

Woosie celebrating Europe’s 1995 Ryder Cup win at Oak Hill. Check out the dude at the back hoping for some champagne splash back!

Woosie’s exclusion from the Hall Fame, had seriously troubled the Welshman. And with good cause. Woosie is a major winning, Ryder Cup winning player and Captain. I mean, no offense to Hall Of Famers Isao Aoki, Neil Coles and Colin Montgomerie, all of whom have made significant contributions to the game, but none of these dudes ever won a major.

“Izit because I iz Welsh?” Little Woosie must have been thinking.

Woosie, the 1991 Masters champion, was World Number 1 for 50 weeks in 1991 and 1992. The former European Tour Order of Merit winner was named European Player of the Year in 1987 and 1990 and played on eight Ryder Cup teams. But wait, there´s more…

2016 CIMB Classic Preview

Oct 19th

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Golf Books #253 (Tiger Woods, Pushed to Greatness Primed to Fall: Controlled By His Obsessive Father)

Oct 18th

411cjwjt4flMany have asked the question: Why is Tiger Woods the way he is? This book will answer that question plus many more as the author gives you an insider’s true and honest firsthand look into the private lives of Tiger Woods and his father, Earl. From the time he was ten years old, she saw how Tiger was falling victim to a controlling and obsessive father who pushed him to be the best, forced him to be perfect, and expected him to be a champion, transforming young Tiger from a shy and impressionable child into an arrogant and unapproachable competitor.

Taking advantage of their close father and son bond, Earl was able to control every aspect of Tiger’s life, capitalize on his amazing talent, and exploit his son’s love for golf. Tiger’s personal life became less important than his so-called “image”; an image that was created for him by his father, his agents and the media. Linda also reveals many never before told stories including how Tiger lived with family dysfunction, his dependency on his father, and the pressures, changes, and life lessons Tiger faced.

She also watched how Tiger’s sudden success affected the Woods’ family, allowing themselves to be seduced and swayed by wealth and fame. The author’s personal friendship with Tiger and Earl began in 1986 and, as Earl’s best friend, included many years of playing golf with Tiger and Earl, being given golf lessons, travelling with Earl, flying on Tiger’s jet and attending Earl’s private funeral. There has never been a book this revealing about Earl and Tiger Woods’ personal and private lives.

Publication date: September 8, 2016 (source)

Circolo Golf Villa D’Este, Italy

Oct 17th

Set amongst lush hills close to Italy’s popular Lake Como, the Golf Club Villa D’Este is a charming course designed by Peter Gannon during the 1920s. The layout here winds through chestnut, birch and pine trees with holes laid across grand, sloping terrain that moves in all direction and features plenty of undulating and attractive vistas.

On occasion the fairways here are a little too steep for quality golf, and a few holes are too cramped, but mostly Gannon did a fine job on the routing given the nature of the topography. The scorecard suggests a short, straightforward course but the par is only 69 and the holes are well defended and often play longer than the yardage suggests. Two of the par fives, the 13th and 17th would be even better as long par fours making this an even more demanding par of 67. But wait, there’s more

Alto Golf | Blog Justteetimes

Oct 16th

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